buddhas make me feel good.

My favorite pieces at the moment. I love my brogues, I can wear them with everything. And the Adidas bag, which I bought in Rome with 50% discount (it was only 22 euros and  I wanted one for so long, but I thought 44 euros for just a bag was way too much). I take that bag to school if I don't need many books for the day.
My cat skirt which I'm in love with. It has such a beautiful colour, I'm doing my nails with almost the same colour now. :D
My lovely Buddha. He's cool and he makes me feel happy, with his big smile on his face. The cat and the horse are made of lava stone. I bought the black ones on the volcano Vesuvius, where I travailed to last summer.
Sorry voor de weinige posts! Morgen is er weer een outfit post online, ik beloof het! ;)
Een paar foto's van mijn kamer en dingen waar ik op het moment echt verliefd op ben. De bijschriften vertellen wat meer over elke foto.
Enjoy your weekend. :D
Sorry for the lack of updates. Tomorrow there will be a outfit post. I promise! ;)
Enjoy your weekend. 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Was gezellig en ik heb die leuke buddha vandaag niet gezien omdat ik je kamer niet gezien heb :(

  2. Wat een leuke foto's. Leuke dingen hoor.
    Liefs, xxxx